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For the better part of two years we have worked on behalf of all businesses, big and small, in order to deliver the best business assessment tool on the internet.

Our Business Model Assessment Tool will not only enable business owners to become more aware of their positioning, but also, dramatically improve their business sense.

Many business owners under-estimate the importance of their business model.  Quite simply, it is the foundation for profitability. After our in-depth short Business Model Quiz, you will come to understand where you can become proactive, improve margins, improve profits, focus, and ultimately run a more successful business.

  • Have an existing Business Plan? Let's see where you stand today.
  • Want to take your company to the next level? A proper business model will dramatically improve your chances in attracting new investors or show confident direction in your company.
  • Attempting to sell your business? A well thought out and executed business model is essential to any transaction.

Never before has any business tool been so on the money.

"If you haven't tried it then you've simply missed the boat!" Mike Falsarella, CEO MS

use our free business model assessment tool

Our Business Model Quiz has been specifically designed for small to medium business owners. This Business Model Assessment Tool creates a measurable, objective scoring of your business model.  It is our view that the most important leadership skill of an entrepreneur is creating, perfecting, and implementing their business model.

The Business Model Quiz is completely free. We offer this quiz as a service to the entrepreneurial community.

It is our mandate to help owners assess their current business model, improve margins, improve profits, focus on the right type of leadership, and ultimately run a more successful and enjoyable business.

We welcome any comments or questions on the free Business Model Assessment.  Send comments or questions to the email below but most importantly do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of our Business Model Assessment Tool.

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Jim Muehlhausen, author "The 51 Fatal Business Errors and How to Avoid Them"